Fabtec Skylights

The potential of extra light in your home via a Fabtec skylight...

Natural light is fundamental for the quality of our lives and living environments. We need daylight, to regulate our biological clock, it affects our well-being, moods as well as our performance. Swedish research has shown, that students in windowless classrooms have much more trouble concentrating and cooperating than students in classrooms with good natural light.

Daylight creates a positive atmosphere and alters the way we feel about our living and working spaces. A Fabtec skylight, installed by our highly skilled team, is energy saving and creates a warm and friendly ambience wherever you need it.

In commercial and industrial applications, artificial lighting is one of the largest sources of energy consumption, Fabtec has a range of solutions for these applications and  can help you determine the correct number of skylights to achieve maximum energy savings or obtain a desired lighting level. In addition, heat loss can also be minimised through the use of double glazing.

Our standard skylights, available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes are suppied by Vikon Valiant Skylite, who pride themselves in top quality product design and manufacture. We can also design and manufacture a custom solution to suit your specific requirements.

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Video: The Leak Test

In this demonstration we will show you how effective our skylights are compared to others. And you get to meet my friend Goldy the Goldfish.






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