Fabtec Skylights

Skylights for Flat Concrete Roofs

The following skylights are designed for flat concrete roofs. They need to be incorporated at the design phase of the roof. In addition, it is advisable to  find out the standard sizes before casting the slab. It could be that the hole left is 10mm bigger than a standard size, which will then require a custom fit which will be more expensive.

Note: It is not a good idea to install skylights in existing precast slabs. Reinforced concrete roofs are designed to span a given distance and any attempt to cut them could be disastrous, they could fail. Fabtec will only install a skylight into an existing reinforced concrete roof after a qualified structural engineer can guarantee the that the slab can take it. In addition, the cutting of the roof is very expensive, requiring diamond head cutters etc.

No maintenance option
We also have a No Maintenance option where the base fits over the upstand. This skylight will also have a five-year guarantee. These are similarly priced per square metre, but you pay more for the skylight because it is bigger. They are maintenance free as they will not require the waterproofing to be repainted every 3 – 5 years as the others do, and are well worth the extra expense.

Custom Glass Skylights

Typically, glass square, rectangular or radial pyramids can be made to any size, ie custom made. Costs are similar to the moulded acrylic skylights which come only in standard sizes. So, if you have an odd size that is required, it is better to opt for a custom-made glass skylight.

Standard Acrylic Skylights

Acrylic moulded units in dome, pyramid or flat shapes are available in standard sizes with the most common sizes being:





Prices range from R3 000.00 to R8 000.00 per square metre for the smaller ones. This includes installation.

Acrylic Radial Pyramid Skylights

Moulded acrylic sizes are available in diameters of:

Prices range from R3 000.00 to R10 000.00 per square metre for the smaller ones. This includes installation.

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Video: The Leak Test

In this demonstration we will show you how effective our skylights are compared to others. And you get to meet my friend Goldy the Goldfish.






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